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List your web site in the Shopping Mall. Your listing will be placed in the best available place with a small description of your shopping site and will be placed with similar category sites. You will also receive 6 more links on this or other shopping web sites! The price is just $10 and a link on your web site to the Shopping Mall. There are many advantages of listing in this online shopping mall. As you may know it is increasingly difficult finding people that will link your site and list it somewhere that it can be found even by search engines. Many directories make it difficult to get listed in them or it may take a very long time after many requests if they ever accept your site at all. Many directories won't accept affilate style web sites. We accept affilate style web sites! Listing here in the shopping mall is easy to do with no hassle. This site is linked with an ever growing number of websites, growing our community.
The purpose of such a cheap price of just $10 is to gain your business. The price may rise in the future. We want to make your listing here worth the money so you will join. Listing is good for one year, however, links are usually not deleted after a year. Let's have a good profitable relationship. No adult product sites, no illegal product sites, no questionable sites of any kind (determined by us). Your site can be rejected for any reason. No refunds due to the time it takes to list your site. Affiliate style web sites are most acceptable. Acceptance of your web site to the Shopping Mall is not an endorsement of your web site or products.
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